“To Accelerate the process of connecting innovative Startups to Enterprises.A Collaborative, Ecosystem led approach by local Entrepreneurs who have been through this journey in Australia”


We have seen exponential growth in the Start-up world over the last five years. Though the overall VC funding has slowdown in 2016, maturity levels of start-up firms have picked up. Start-ups have dominated Finance, Insurance, Public Services, Regulation, Retail and many other sector and sub-sectors. Main reason for success of Start-ups is its ability to address a niche problem area and with high customer experience. Technology disruption, access to funds, infrastructure availability, high bandwidth network and government support, all encouraging young entrepreneurs to venture into start-ups.

In Australia, and particularly in Victoria we see a huge increase in start-ups, backed by local and federal government.Many large enterprises in Australia are seeking to partner with start-up solutions to expedite time to market and create a differentiation in their services to consumers.Whilst there are a number of start-up hubs, accelerators, incubators globally and some in Australia, we see a potential for someone like us who has been a successful start-up on our own and has gone through all the challenges typically a start-up faces just after launch.

We are here to support start-ups by providing advisory and mentoring support, connecting with enterprises to test the solution maturity and to help with all aspects of start-up ecosystem from office space to legal, commercial and distribution.

At HubCentric, we will focus on just born start-ups to accelerate in achieving their goals. We will be an orchestrator of services for Start-ups, so you can focus on solving niche problems.


Enterprises are investing heavily in the Innovation space. We have seen ongoing announcements of setting up Innovation centres and VC funds. However challenges remains around Speed, Agility and Organisation culture. We are here to help Enterprises looking out for smart start-up solutions locally and globally. We support start-up pitches, we can help to curate and through our extended network of partners we can deliver and scale. Our services will help Enterprises to focus on their core business leaving heavy lifting of finding, curating and integrating start-up solutions.

We have been a deliver partner for many local Australian Enterprises and carry ‘trusted’ and ‘reliable’ partnership status when it comes to Delivery of Services. Through Hub Centric, we are keen to shift left our delivery services through early engagement of client’s needs and supporting ecosystem led delivery through start-ups. As a corporate Innovation partner, time to time, we will run key start-up events, demo days and look out for engaging Enterprises, supporting Innovation for the future. We will share learning from similarand adjacent industries as well, thereby providing upfront learning on start-u engagements with enterprises.


Partner network with local Australian setup plays a key role in driving start-up and enterprise connects. We shall have partners from legal, commercial, contract, consulting, and various advisory / SME’s to support driving successful start-up to enterprise integration. Time to time we shall organise events through partner network that will support both start-up community (in terms of technology software support) and Enterprises (in terms of data, SME support).

Hub centric will take accountability to orchestrate services through partner network so both Start-up and Enterprises can focus on solving key business problems Our collaborative approach will provide avenues to co-innovate with partners seamlessly. Learning and Development is a key offering from us, to help you build scale in the new areas of technology and business domains. We will find innovative learning solutions that can help expand start-up solutions to real life scenarios.