What is HubCentric?
Hub Centric aims to create the new platform of start-up ecosystem.Think of us as a hub for entrepreneurs- the one stop place for concepts, acumens, practices and insight that is essential to shape the enterprise of tomorrow.
What happens in HubCentric?
We ask the founders of each startup we fund to move to the Bay Area for the duration of their cycle, during which we work intensively with them to get the company into the best shape possible. Each cycle culminates in an event called Demo Day, at which the startups present to an audience that now includes most of the world’s top startup investors.
How much does HubCentric Invest?
We have a standard deal  of investing $ 1500 – $ 1 million.  It may also vary case to case depending upon the evaluation of the business
Do we need to sign an NDA?
We have our NDA forms which would be signed by all parties responsible depending on the business ideas. However this can be discussed based on each case.
How do we enrol with HubCentric?
The enrolment can be submitted through two modes:

1. Apply Online – Key in the required details on the erolment application form and we will review.

2. Business Plan – Submit your detailed business plan to info@deliverycentric.com.

What happens after enrolment?
We will send across you the outcome of your application review. You will receive a request to discuss/interview that comprising the details of our point of contact for the meeting, or you may get an email to say that we won’t be interviewing you right now. If you aren’t invited to interview or if there was no communication send out, we hope that you don’t get dejected and that you should continue with your quest to shape something inordinate
What is the eligibility to enrol ?
  1. I want to start a start-up/ business.
  2. I currently own a start-up and want to scale it.
  3. I want to optimize my start-up with the latest tools and resources .
  4. I want to raise capital from investors for my start-up.
  5. I want an expert advice and mentorship
Why your application was not selected?
Due to multiple entries, we are taking longer to get back to you.

Kindly hold on to your ideas or apply again.