HubCentric aims to create the new platform of start-up ecosystem. Think  of us as a hub for entrepreneurs- the one stop place for concepts, acumens, practices and insight that is essential to shape the enterprise of tomorrow.

HubCentric intends to provide all aspirants with forum, community and networking platforms with equal opportunities to liaise with mentorship, advisors, investors and influencers in the town.

Our goal is to get you through the crux and help you with our services for better enablement. We collaborate with you from the point where you’ve built or percept something impressive enough to have value added services on a larger scale and get your start-up Go to Market ready and also have the opportunity to pitch your business to angel investors and various investors.

Anybody with an innovative mind set, filled with drive, hunger to learn   and are profound to become a high-performance entrepreneur.If that sounds like you, you are part of the HubCentric community.
Our high-powered Advisory Board is committed to support and advise us, as we build out an ambitious charter. HubCentric also has an influential extended network of independent consultants and innovative leaders from Australia, India and across the world.